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    When is the best time to assistance from a biostatistician?

    Ideally, as soon as your product enters in Phase II product to prepare the synopsis and calculate the number of patients. Thus your AMM file will be drafted with an optimal methodological quality from end to end. If Phase II has already been initiated , you still have the opportunity to use our services to optimize your file with further analysis or finer interpretations of completed study results.

    Why would I need a biostatistician when I already have a CRO?

    If your company does not have in-house biostatistics skills, it's hard to see the risk of outsourcing this strategic part without having control. In general, CROs do not have the function of developing the appropriate methodology but applying the methodology defined in the protocol.In case your team is skilled with such a competence, it may be useful to share opinions with outsiders or to release your team from part of your projects.

    How the services are charged?

    At the end of the month, billing hours / days for consulting services is calculated on a real-time basis. You are not charged for months when your project does not require any intervention.

    How is the confidentiality of your projects guaranteed?

    Before any intervention in the project, a strict confidentiality contract is signed between the parties.

    What professional software do you use?

    SAS ® 9.4 ou ultérieur - EAST ®

    Where do the training take place?

    Inter-company training takes place either in Lyon or Paris. Intra training takes place within the premises of the company.